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Berawa Beach in Bali

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  • Berawa Beach is one of Canggu’s beaches closest to Seminyak, within only a half-hour drive north from Seminyak’s main dining and shopping hubs, and just a minute hop north of Batubelig. This dark grey and black sand beach features the largest lagoon along the Canggu coastline, which largely forms part of the hotel beachfront of the Lv8 Resort Hotel. To reach the beach, take the namesake Jalan Pantai Berawa, ending right at the Legong Keraton Beach Hotel.

    Berawa Beach is also one of the last stops in Canggu for avid surfers who prefer to escape the more crowded coasts of the south. There are some rocky reefs that anchor the sand and which help shape up some nice rights and a few lefts at high tide. The waves are too big and currents too strong for swimming, but as a casual visitor you are offered calming scenes around sunset, which is also put to good use by a number of unique bars and chill out spots in the area.

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  • Just across the lagoon is one such venue, La Laguna, which features an ornate wooden bridge over the southern part of the inlet – a great spot to capture the sunset. On the black sand are sunbeds with parasols, available for all-day rents, starting from a low USD 3.5 (IDR 50,000), usually with ice boxes with ice cold Bintangs and soft drinks sold cheaply nearby. You can also nibble away on some roast corn. Peddlers aren’t as numerous compared to Legian and Seminyak.

    If you didn’t bring your own surf board, some of the local sunbed and parasol owners offer mostly ding-repaired but rideable boards for rent. To the north, Berawa Beach ends at another lagoon where the fisherman’s landing of Nelayan Beach conversely starts. Both Berawa and Nelayan feature sparsely placed fishing huts and outriggers parked up on the sand. During the monsoon, usually between December and February, expect slight flotsam and jetsam due to westerly winds.

    Berawa Beach

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