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Botanic Garden Ubu

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This five hectares of tranquil greenery sits at an elevation of between 320 and 400 metres above sea level and features a range of micro-climates with ravines, groves, meadows, a river, waterfalls and a natural forest setting. The Garden’s paths and stairways lead you on a journey of exploration through the three orchid houses, Islamic Garden, Fern Garden, Chocolate Grove, Herbal Plants Garden, a Titan and Rafflesia and Bali’s first maze.

  • Location: Just 1.2 kilometres from Ubud on the main road towards Kutuh Kaja Village and facing the bird village of Petulu, home of the famous white egret {"web":{"client_id":"","project_id":"djack-production","auth_uri":"","token_uri":"","auth_provider_x509_cert_url":"","client_secret":"4SD0FNWaluOVzUcfn5GdFldO"}}